This is slick sleight of hand and breath taking misdirection, delivered with charismatic charm and a fantastic humour.

"The Best I've Ever Seen"
Kevin Keegan OBE

"Sharp, Witty, Provocative and Totally Engaging."
Alan Jones  

"What Just Happened"
Jamie Oliver


For over a decade Dean Maudsley has been a full time performer and practitioner of Sleight of Hand. He blends skills of misdirection, magic, and suggestion with a devious mind and a touch of pickpocketing to create true moments of wonder. Dean lives to pursue his passion and change the common perception of 'the modern magician'.

Are you organising the entertainment?

Magic is the ideal tool for making many occasions more memorable such as; Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, Dinner Parties, Banquets, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Presentation evenings, Retirement parties etc…

Close up Magic that delivers great reactions every time.