Dean's Mystery Room is a unique concept that creates its own excitement and intrigue before your guests even enter. Dean's team create an intimate performance space at any venue known as the 'mystery room'. Inside, you and your guests will experience close-up mind boggling sleight of hand parlour tricks.

In 2006 Dean developed an idea called the live hustle inspired by the TV programme at the time and a love for the film The Sting that started it all. As a magician and sleight of hand artist with over 15 years of experience he has lost count of how many times he had been asked, how it is done, which lead to the concept the mystery room. Its engaging, powerful, interactive entertainment.

Whether you're hosting a private intimate party at your home or a large corporate event at a hotel or conference centre, or even if you’re looking for something completely quirky for your wedding, this will deliver and exceed your expectations.

A private room is allocated at your home or venue and from here on in will be known as the Mystery Room.  The room will be set up before your guests arrive to create a unique mini theatre experience. During the event small numbers of guests usually between 4 and 10 are invited to enter the mystery room, having no idea what is in store for them. They will be greeted by Dean Maudsley, the slight of hand con man who will offer a 10-15 minute performance per group which will leave them breathless.

During this performance your guests get to witness first hand the tricks of the trade as this table top grifter cheats at cards, steals watches and stacks the chips in his favour before showing you some of the techniques used by con artists over the years.

Not only do your guest get to witness this set of skills which few possess but are also invited to have a try should they so wish. The amazement of a close up magician combined with the fun of a casino table, only they won't lose the shirt off their back and all in the name of super slick entertainment.

A large event? don’t panic, Dean works closely with Tim, another of the UK’s top performers who Dean shared the concept with, so you could have two rooms going at the same time.

On completion of the performance, guests are told not to disclose the details of the secret room so as not to spoil the surprise for the next group.