“What a great guy, we had a ball. He mystified everyone he met..”
Rosemary Janes

“Certainly added a certain something to our evening reception”
Michelle & Johnathan Robb

It's no exaggeration to say that Dean is one of this country’s busiest wedding magicians. Dean has been at the forefront of wedding magic for many years. It’s this experience which enables Dean to walk into a room full of strangers and engage them with powerful entertaining magic. He creates that something special, your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

There is something about good live entertainment, it’s hard to describe in words but there is definitely a buzz in the air when it’s done right, so by hiring a professional you know the job is in safe hands. 

Performing is Dean’s full time living, so his skill set and experience are from literally thousands of performances in the real world. On such an important occasion like a wedding day can you really afford to gamble?

 There are two main differences between Dean and many other good magicians as alternatives, firstly he loves his job and it shows in the performance. It has always been a choice to maintain wedding magic as part of his portfolio. Secondly, he differs from the typical magician characteristics; Dean is captivating and has an understated gentlemen’s appearance, charm and humour.

Dean is able keep your guests occupied and engaged in times of potential stagnace, this could be whilst the photographs are being taken, whilst tables are waiting to be served or as your evening guests arrive.

It’s a bespoke service tailored to suit you, as each wedding is different and unique.

So get in contact today to discuss your unique wedding day.